what draws us to the broken? is it an unconscious mirror? an attempt to heal (ourselves or others) What inspires us to push the good people out of our life? What makes those people fight to stay in our life? Why don’t others care to try? At what point can you stop and lay down […]

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The poison coiled in my system. Time slowed and I sat down, mind wide open. With a few recited words I quieted my self and tuned in. My fears, anxieties, and optimism began to form before me. Specters taking form and a voice all their very own. Warmth, breath, anima. familiar and comforting in an […]

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My breathing quickens, my id suggests a new and improved ways to self-destruct, but I am too tired to chase my thoughts so far down the rabbit hole. I can feel the warring emotions. Pleasure at the thought of my next tattoo. Already, I can feel the trance-state of meditation and hear the tattoo gun. […]

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flagrant gluttony

I hate reading your words because I can sense the truth in them, the manipulation behind them, the anxiety they provoke. In a stop-gap instant of clarity, I see the cracks in the wall and I skitter from the darkness pouring out of it. It is gluttony for punishment, for the next shiny distraction, the […]

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