My rational mind seems to have reconnected. Perhaps there is an end in sight to this cycle. Fear!

Things are starting to come into focus and my mind is beginning to spin questions and skepticism and doubt. This is a positive thing. Not a nice thing. Imagine the feeling of a buffer against the inside of a car headlamp. Yeah. It’s not a nice thing.
On the flip side, I call shenanigans!

I straddle the lines of hard truth and nurture and that takes some real finesse…Unfortunately, I’m a clumsy novice. life is the proving ground, sad but true. This part of the cycle yearns to hear laughter, eat oranges, celebrate the cycles and do that crazy pagan thing called sex.

Just so I don’t end this on /that/ charming note, I hope that you had a lovely thanksgiving with warmth and joy. I hope your Yule is even better…I think it’s time to work on establishing a Concrete Connection.


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