Astro -Says-What?!

Horoscope dot com e-mails me this: “Aries: Your idealism may sow the seeds of conflict…” And I have to sigh. Everyday? ….Everyday?! “Aries: You are an oblivious ….”  Double-Aries (This means you, Dude): This goes twice for you so… *pbbbblt* Jog on! So, hummm….I find my zen and re-center, but I’d like to just say: […]

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Anxiety reared her ugly head today. Fear kept pace, quite gleefully. It boiled down to the same inputs, like “How will i be able to afford x,y,z?” and “How do I rate as a wife?”, and “Am I a good mother?”  Valid questions, but the way in which I was seeing them was from a […]

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