Anxiety reared her ugly head today. Fear kept pace, quite gleefully. It boiled down to the same inputs, like “How will i be able to afford x,y,z?” and “How do I rate as a wife?”, and “Am I a good mother?”  Valid questions, but the way in which I was seeing them was from a place of worry and concern.  What an Epiphany! To be able to have that thought and let myself finish having it out before being able to calm down. (The punkin and I are learning self-soothing techniques, together, lol)

It also occurred to me that I was seeking outside myself, again.  I realized that I can let that go. I trust in myself. I have a wealth of skills and knowledge and relationships with amazing people who have a wealth of skills and knowledge that I don’t have. Including years of psycho-therapy and a great ability to break down knowledge to be useful to others.

Bonus: Things have a way of working themselves out until they don’t.

If you’re feeling impatient, angry, anxious, fearful, hurt, lost or any other unpleasant emotion, please call someone. If you need healing, please seek it through whatever means are accessible and comfortable for you.

One activity that I like to do periodically is to write down everything that is causing me worry onto paper and burn it in a safe place.

As a call-to-action: If you know someone who is experiencing that level of pain, reach out to them. Let them know you are able to listen and not judge. Even when what they say sounds way out-landish, sometimes saying it out loud to someone else allows you to analyze what you’re thinking and see that it doesn’t make sense. Be gentle and kind to each other.


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