“Pop” Goes the Muse

Making our way through the end time; Opening our melting wings fully against the sun; I tried to hold on but was swept away. Be courageous, come what may. — One spark dies, in gentle salute a wisp of smoke rises to the heavens. Time to boister up our psyches against the onslaught of human […]

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A Wild Thrashing

I love spring showers. They are such a vibrant and life-affirming reminder that the hard times are equally important to the mild or even sweet ones. The wind is abrasively shaking the litter out of the tree tops. The water is lovingly pulling the dirt and grime off the leaves to nourish the roots and […]

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my greatest defense mechanism is forgetting. Post-trauma (even moderately small traumas) I get depressed, I get sleepy, I sleep, I wake up having forgotten enough to make recall a real pain in the ass. I’m so exhausted but I’m not ready to forget. and yet, little pieces are already fleeing the edges as to why […]

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