…’Cos These Hands are just too shaky to hold.

A dark and roiling sea of emotions has been rocking my world. I’m not even sure how to break it down into an intelligible narrative. I think I”ll write a series of shorter posts.


Chemical Chains

Chemicals slide through the system in persistent waves,

Pressing un-conscious narrative speaks, no-holds-barred.

Anxiety licking along live wires, a failure to connect.

Beyond the capability of understanding, chords of gratitude tinged concern stand sentry over the entire exchange.

The crux of it all; Please don’t let me fall

Cradle me in Moonlit arms while I light my mind on fire

Deliciously sharp, the point caresses a silent yearning.

Three quivering breaths stretch over eternity, a hair-breadth trigger to natural disaster

Edging and blurred somatic maintenance could lead to consequence. I’d cross that place to bring you. And bring you again.

Dimly echoing vibrations held steadily at bay while she holds the quay free of marauders.

The crux of it all; Please don’t let me fall

Hold my breath gently and teach me to fly.




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