The Power of Words

The receptionist at the OBGYN office I’d used before answered the phone. “Hey! I’m a former patient. During prenatal care, does this office test for herpes?”

I’m not very good with gentle let-down. She stumbled, caught up with the question, talked through the answer and we were on our merry way. I was quite impressed. But, I’m sure she was wondering at the root of the question. Already calculating what would provoke me to ask such a question. Telling herself idle stories featuring the climax “I have herpes”. You, too, You’re already asking questions, making judgements, piecing together blog topics and what you know. It’s human nature and I don’t mind, unless you act on the stories you wrote in your head and not factual relationship occurrences. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. Acknowledge it, tactfully ask questions. If it’s too personal for our relationship, I”ll give you the answer that best suits and smooth the conversation along to how I want to converse given the way you asked the question and body language and…complicated  human interaction automatic engagement. Either way, no embarrassment. This life needs less ass-hattery.

We need to start talking about taboo topics. There are lots of folks courageously doing just that. I hope you support them and join them.


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