I’m in a bad fucking mood. That’s all there is to it. Or is it?
Everyday, sometimes a couple of times a day, for the last couple of days, I’ve found myself quite frustrated. I only have two hands but I’m blessed with the two hands of my mate. We each want to soothe and ease each other and ourselves and our offspring which is becoming increasingly difficult. The level of work and financial demands seem pressing and important and i like electricity.

okay, okay, so let’s fast forward to the heart of the matter:
1. Let’s try cooperative living, which is not necessarily communal living – if you catch my meaning. If you see a parent struggling to perform a task and wrangle a child, offer to help with the task so they can concentrate on their kiddo.  Put away your neighbor’s trash/recycling bin after pick up. Volunteer for reading programs at the library, at a retirement home, at the hospitals.

2. What IF food and shelter and clean water were free? How would we value the work of the builders and the customer service representatives that run the city utilities? Or the people who are tasked with monitoring the water for cleanliness and restoration of natural habitats with small improvements. I cannot understand this predicament we’re in. There are so many hands and so many tasks that should be performed. Money is slowing down our progress and accelerating our decay. I’m not saying money is evil. I’m saying that it’s no longer serving us in a healthy, progressive manner. On the other hand- it’s all imaginary anyway, so why not give groups of folks who have passion for things the money that they need to get it accomplished? Also, this cannot be an original idea so someone please point me in the direction of ideology or philosophy or political history that I’m suggesting we re-enact so I can go educate myself on what happened previously.

3. Houses that need to be razed should just be razed and given back to the communities to create parks/gardens/public play centers Yes GIVEN, as a token of good faith for robbing humanity blind for a minimum of 3 generations. A public trust that encourages learning about natural relationships – what if schools spent portions of their days out in the gardens to learn. Even on the cold, wet, days? There could be high-level aquaponics, an excellent release of energy through climbing on trees and on strategically placed structures for reaching tree tops- a blending of asthetics and utility that will draw more people to more places. I see a round seating area  and a tea hutch at every park with teas harvested on the property and a hot/cold water sink with water collected from the rain and filtered. covered walkways and large green houses where folks work to pot and plant and dry and harvest.

The anger is at least processed.


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