2016 Review

‘…And not a one of you can say this ended well…..”

Well, the turn of this year has made my head reel.  I can’t make light of it, though I have learned many lesson.

Our daughter was born in January. You can imagine that joy. She is strong, clever and beautiful; her sun rises and sets on Jae.

But then the world lost many amazing artists across many genres and mediums. Intersperse that with an intense stressful scramble to find employment in our chosen fields. She, as a graphic design artist (and I strongly emphasis artist. From an unbiased point of view, her work is moving.) Myself,  I am searching for a administrative position.

My father has been very generous in helping us financially and emotionally. I’m eternally grateful for his modeling of love and devotion. We have had help from generous friends and strangers in the form ofjob leads, rides, dinners, entertainment, crafting craziness, merry messes, sharing of outgrown clothes. Odd jobs, etc. My fine internet friend, let me tell you that we’ve been hustling and it has been hard.

Then the politics and the wars and all of the larger social issues. The sickness has taken hold of this culture. The empire is crumbling and I have no idea of how to save my family.

Please let’s find a way to find happiness in 2017


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