Each day seems filled with emotional peaks and valleys that happen so swiftly, I can’t blink or I end up gasping for air. Vulgarity and dark humor are the last defense of a desperately caring soul. Am I really misfiring? That’s a question. Or, am I healthily reacting to the stimuli in my environment. I […]

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Blood in the Cut

I have public services healthcare. I cannot find a provider. I am having anxiety to a point where I cannot breathe. I can see that it’s an overreaction. or…What to do? I don’t want to involve my family. I need to be here to keep things moving forward. I have no idea what “crisis” actually […]

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Spread Thin

  ‘Tell me I still look pretty.” The truth is, I look worn out and feel ….much worse. I made an effort to practice self-care and at least I feel clean, soft and smooth. The mental health professional (mhp) has been a good idea. I’ve got some tangible goals regarding physical health and career and […]

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