Collaborating and Deciphering


I’m going to share a fun fact. Every time i write here, I have to search for my password. Every. Time. I change it periodically, but I don’t know why I bother, since my brain’s concocted a brilliant way to ensure I preview my posts so they’re a little more coherent.

I digress.

I am sad. In roughly the same place I was in December in intensity. I am breathing with it. I’m trying to meditate with it, to accept the tears and listen. To the larger world, many folks here understand that the United States Government has taken control and is orchestrating…I don’t know what. I’m unable to trust the news or the propoganda. The attempts to isolate the U.S. population are blatant and unapologetic.  We are praying for the safety of global citizens who are hurting. I am focusing on grounding and raising the love frequency, the grass-roots warriors frequency and the Hero frequencies. May we all be love, and grass-root heroes.

I’m tired of the terrorizing and hate and anger and resentment. I’m tired of the intensity of which all those really horrible feelings are gaining emotional energy. I’ve been focusing on really loving the people physically in my life. Engaging with coworkers with kindness. Not to say, ‘no sternness’, but ya’ll, my last give a fuck is sputtering, so why not just kill ’em with kindness?  Let the rest sort itself out.

As my working season ends and J has found a job, I’m adjusting to being at home with two kids. Isn’t that strange? Because I’ve been out of the house so much this last year, I’ve missed adjusting to the increasingly different and imposing parenting challenges. But, i’m pretty good at learning on a curve at this point. Plus, they’re cuter now than ever. And they communicate much gooder. Playing with the spawn encourages happy in the soul.



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