Rubbing it in

I spent a few hours in my garden mowing down the lawn and clearing out weeds. As is my habit, once I finished I showered to scrub the grime off. It occured to me in my shower that I always end my time in the garden in better spirits. Sometimes I find new little plant friends and sometimes spot animal friends, too, but mainly, I see flashes of what my small space could provide, in terms of shade, food, shelter and peace and I wish I had more energy to bring these snippets of inspiration to fruition.

There’re studies that prove that playing in the dirt makes us happier – well, what if part of the process is that we’re actually rubbing the dirt and bacteria in, in the shower by establishing and reconnecting to a sybmiotic relationship where the garden produces spores, germs and other microscopic stuff that settles into our pores.The invisible connectors allows our seratonin levels to grow and absorb into the proper channels better as we turn caring for a physical space into an act of self-care. In return, the land becomes better tended and grows richer. I now rather feel like a giant ant.



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