I feel so tired and that seems impossible; my rational self bumping uglies against my emotional self.  I feel naive and ancient and entirely too curious for my own good. Why do I feel like an imposter passing as an adult? Writing this blog? living this life? It’s my life. I’ve studied hard to be part of it, but my intra-relationship status seems to be stuck on “still seeing other people”.

What if that’s the price we pay for reincarnation?

Someone please tell me that we’re not standing by, as a nation, and watching Trump test the waters of genocidal tolerance, in relationship to the Mainland’s aide of Puerto Rico.

And then I wonder, ‘what is there’s just no aid to send?’ I read the news and none of it sounds real or right.

I wonder what it would look like to be able to afford to fly down and be a part of the relief efforts. I’m praying that there are some bright heros in the Carribean crowd surviving this terrible natural disaster who will help the most amount of people to survive. I’m sending prayers because I have no other relief I can give and that’s a terrible guilt. The same guilt I feel in being unable to help any group currently struggling, which is a very large number of people in our global community.


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