Just one thing!

I’d go so far as to tell you that I’m pretty stellar at balancing the changes, both good and bad, that have rolled my way, not to mention riding through the ambiguity and uncertainty with a balanced, caring and positive attitude, when I’m not venting my spleen in a dark pool of acknowledgement and processing . Well, apparently I’m hitting a wall of bleak. I recognize it will pass. I am again trying to ride it out, but during an observation meeting with my principal, he said yet one more terribly vague and human thing to me and I had one of those momentary daydreams of losing my façade, cry-screaming “Just one fucking directly clear and concrete statement around a process or procedure that I request help with, please! Just one thing should be unambiguous, Dude!!” But, I smiled and took slow deep breaths, because I want to like and believe in my principal and appreciate that I work in a very nuanced and ambiguous field….and I think in four years it will be my perfect job. Jae would say this is part of my professional life-cycle.


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