Winter Break

I went caroling. On my way downtown I consciously asked the question; What does success look like tonight? Because The NorthWest is notorious for rsvping and not showing. Life happens, this is not a judgement, but it leads social creatures to many sad nights. At least those who persist in organizing public events. (I’m sending you so much love right now, Phoenix Four-Leaf).
So, I defined success as having at least one friend show up and have one stranger be brave enough to join us. Sure enough, I met Phoenix at the amphitheater and we sang and one woman joined us, by approaching us. It was really fun and nerve-wracking and I loved seeing my girlfriend.

I left in high spirits because, by my own rubric, the night was a modest and marvelous success.

My children and I are home for Winter Break. I am so tired, but they are not. So, I am taking them out of the house and giving my mate a chance to breathe in quiet space. For an hour or two, anyway, because that is the stamina my little beings have right now. Yes, we can ride another 4 hours of manic behavior but it’s not fun. I’m attending the solstice tomorrow morning, but it’s going to be without kiddos. I’m guiltily looking forward to it.

This tiredness is the constant emotional processing from herding emotional beings. I really want a break.. Someone send (a LOT of) wine and cheeses and fruit….and a caregiver that I can trust to keep up with high energy spawn. I’ll be sleeping in the garage with my wife, in a warm, calm cocoon.

I took the first step towards this daydream of stability and  emotional comfort by talking with financial folks about different financial scenarios.


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