I’ve been crying a lot.

A lot of time has been spent processing through hurt and the harm that had built up like plaque between two teeth.  There does not seem to be a timestamp on the hurt or harm. There isn’t much in the way of attached memories. These feelings just rise up and demand acknowledgement and I’m giving (a lot) of time to just allowing them.  Either I’ve stumbled onto a strategy or the emotional cycle is shifting. Either way, So Mote it Be.

I’ve also been listening to George Michael’s Freedom ’90.
Today I turned in my room keys and got signed off from my janitorial/maintenance staff. I got an unexpected visit from two students (whose parents were picking up older siblings). I finished my Teacher Certification program on Saturday.  Today is my son’s last day of Preschool. We are 64 days from another major shift in our family (no spoilers, no new additions that I’m aware of).  I am not sure where to go from here, so I’m going to go to the forest for a [unknown period of time] and listen and commune with my sweet little family. It’s time to get out of this box and reflect on my experiences and re-regulate.

Whatever tomorrow brings, I am going to find joy in the present. I wish the same for you.


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