The Fool

Riding the energy of July’s full moon came the murder of an Anarchist  whose legacy was gentility, action, and hard choices. Wil died for what he believed in. This post isn’t about him, or the Tacoma Police Officers who shot him protecting the very valuable property of the Immigration Detention Center, but I couldn’t not […]

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The cut of scarred emotional wounds. I want to meet you again. I don’t know you anymore. I am not who I was. Back then. Ah, but that younger me tugs so vehemently. So earnestly. To find the you, you are and declare my love for you. To honor the gifts you gave me. No […]

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Processing the Noise

I very much see that the Empire is falling. Everyday waves of dead fish crash onto the shores of Florida. 1000s of Indigenous women are missing and/or dead in Canada. Hate groups like Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, have been holding “Unite the Right” rallies in multiple states.  The local utility company Puget Sound Energy […]

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I’ve been crying a lot. A lot of time has been spent processing through hurt and the harm that had built up like plaque between two teeth.  There does not seem to be a timestamp on the hurt or harm. There isn’t much in the way of attached memories. These feelings just rise up and […]

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Just one thing!

I’d go so far as to tell you that I’m pretty stellar at balancing the changes, both good and bad, that have rolled my way, not to mention riding through the ambiguity and uncertainty with a balanced, caring and positive attitude, when I’m not venting my spleen in a dark pool of acknowledgement and processing . Well, apparently I’m hitting a wall […]

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Every Little Thing

I’m furious that my house is dirty.  I’m furious that I don’t have a dishwasher and the dishes seem to be a never ending pile on the tiny fucking counters. I’m furious that my children have no concept of “too far”. I’m furious that no one knows how to respect my fucking boundaries, including my […]

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It is noted that I weigh about 17 pounds heavier than I weighed on my wedding day. As Jae and I count down the hours to the 13th anniversary of our wedding day, I have been doing a lot of reflecting on emotional, physical and relationship health.  This year has been a really stressful test […]

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