Asking, for a friend….

Today I went to an interview with a university program – I answered the four or five questions the interviewer had for me, and then asked an additional 45 minutes of him, trying to eek out exactly what the parameters of the program are and how I can be most successful in maintaining the delicate […]

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The way it “happens”

I have been contemplating joining a gym for quite awhile, but gunshy, because …of all the usual reasons/excuses/life.  Today I stopped in and joined a gym. It’s got the shiny new look/feel of a brand new business. I’m hoping it stays on that level. The members were following directions and wiping down the equipment. That’s […]

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Shadow Work

My wife and I spent a week hashing out the darkest pieces of our relationship. Yelling, ugly-crying and defining the “same old shit” so that it took on new meaning that made each of us look at each other more clearly. We came to the conclusion that we have harmed one another as only lovers […]

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  I get stuck. the same cycle of thoughts. the same dark spaces. the same brain-crashing questions about what is real, what is the point. what does it mean. i doubt everything i think. i doubt my legitimacy in everything i do. once upon a time i was diagnosed with bipolar and add but i […]

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I have become increasingly depressed and hopeless over this last year, but boy howdy the election really shoved this grrl right over the edge. No holds barred. I’m struggling. Peace. I can still find it. I am still hustling. My mate and I are on a happy swing. The kiddos are experiencing a safe and […]

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inside this cycle

  I’m including a concept map that I designed today for my psychology class.  I didn’t intend to put so much time into designing it, it just turned into a really theraputic exercise, which is not the point, but I enjoyed it anyway. In an effort to keep dogged pursuit towards helping make gardens a […]

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