Winter Break

I went caroling. On my way downtown I consciously asked the question; What does success look like tonight? Because The NorthWest is notorious for rsvping and not showing. Life happens, this is not a judgement, but it leads social creatures to many sad nights. At least those who persist in organizing public events. (I’m sending […]

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Just one thing!

I’d go so far as to tell you that I’m pretty stellar at balancing the changes, both good and bad, that have rolled my way, not to mention riding through the ambiguity and uncertainty with a balanced, caring and positive attitude, when I’m not venting my spleen in a dark pool of acknowledgement and processing . Well, apparently I’m hitting a wall […]

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I’m at the beginning of a brand new emotional-cycle. It’s not unlike sitting in that suspended bubble of time, on the top of the roller-coaster. Edging along the boundaries of ignorance and sadness. I remember feeling this way last year. Gawlly, has it been a year?! So much has changed and so much is exactly […]

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figs and maps

The layer of mud had gotten so out of hand, her boots cracked deep and dark with every step she took across the industrial landscape. The floods had finally receeded, after a five week storm had drown most of the winter landscape in warm waters. Communication with folks further than 100 miles was difficult, at […]

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  *rubs forehead* I’m feeling rough, friends. I am in a good mood. I’d dare call this emotional state “happy”. It shares a space with “emotionally exhausted”, but like a freight train, I see an end result I am attracted to, and I am driven to manifest it.  I feel like I zigged only to […]

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It’s all Relative

My friend and I were chatting last night and she said, “I know that you have always longed for a core group of friends, like a coven, like a community etc., etc. Call it what you will but for the years I’ve known you, you’ve been searching for it in many different avenues. Unfortunately with […]

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