The cut of scarred emotional wounds. I want to meet you again. I don’t know you anymore. I am not who I was. Back then. Ah, but that younger me tugs so vehemently. So earnestly. To find the you, you are and declare my love for you. To honor the gifts you gave me. No […]

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It’s been a long December

I’m struggling. I don’t want to be dramatic. I have shed that skin, to an older more mature version of myself.  Still the same insecure, sad, and frustrated version of myself. I couldn’t write in November, though I tell a dozen stories every day to my kiddos, to myself, to my students. my heart and […]

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The new school year has begun. My wife and my son underwent surgery two weeks apart and in between the surgical events we all got a stomach flu that turned into a chest cold, and now we’re all on the healing side of things. I got back into my classroom today, spending the day figuring […]

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Processing the Noise

I very much see that the Empire is falling. Everyday waves of dead fish crash onto the shores of Florida. 1000s of Indigenous women are missing and/or dead in Canada. Hate groups like Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer, have been holding “Unite the Right” rallies in multiple states.  The local utility company Puget Sound Energy […]

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I’m all growed out

I’ve been on a personal growth route, spurred by lifelong conditioning and innate competitiveness with my heterosexual life partner. I don’t even know if she ever competes with me….I’ll have to ask her. I digress. I have learned many things in my first year teaching preschool. I have learned to stop fearing the worst and […]

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Winter Break

I went caroling. On my way downtown I consciously asked the question; What does success look like tonight? Because The NorthWest is notorious for rsvping and not showing. Life happens, this is not a judgement, but it leads social creatures to many sad nights. At least those who persist in organizing public events. (I’m sending […]

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Just one thing!

I’d go so far as to tell you that I’m pretty stellar at balancing the changes, both good and bad, that have rolled my way, not to mention riding through the ambiguity and uncertainty with a balanced, caring and positive attitude, when I’m not venting my spleen in a dark pool of acknowledgement and processing . Well, apparently I’m hitting a wall […]

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