figs and maps

The layer of mud had gotten so out of hand, her boots cracked deep and dark with every step she took across the industrial landscape. The floods had finally receeded, after a five week storm had drown most of the winter landscape in warm waters. Communication with folks further than 100 miles was difficult, at […]

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  *rubs forehead* I’m feeling rough, friends. I am in a good mood. I’d dare call this emotional state “happy”. It shares a space with “emotionally exhausted”, but like a freight train, I see an end result I am attracted to, and I am driven to manifest it.  I feel like I zigged only to […]

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It’s all Relative

My friend and I were chatting last night and she said, “I know that you have always longed for a core group of friends, like a coven, like a community etc., etc. Call it what you will but for the years I’ve known you, you’ve been searching for it in many different avenues. Unfortunately with […]

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A new light

This morning I read a statement that lit up all the lights on my buzzer board. It read; “No expectations just friendship and love. I am MY stability…Not the people around me.” After a conversation I had with a very depressed friend who mentioned her concern that I would just leave our friendship, it was […]

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The Zen of Crochet

Bound ’round itself in several ways, seeing the larger purpose is difficult under the best of circumstances. Be dogged in your efforts and periodically sit back and a beautiful piece of art begins to emerge. Distraction happens and  mistakes are made causing a new path to the end result. As your abilities blossom and trust […]

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End Game

Write it down on good old fashioned paper with a pen or pencil! Seriously! Oh? You did? Well, then, do yourself a favor and periodically review your written goals and ambitions! You can modify them. Really. I become a tad frustrated when you seem to make choices directly counter-productive to your previously stated goals. And, […]

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