Asking, for a friend….

Today I went to an interview with a university program – I answered the four or five questions the interviewer had for me, and then asked an additional 45 minutes of him, trying to eek out exactly what the parameters of the program are and how I can be most successful in maintaining the delicate […]

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Shadow Work

My wife and I spent a week hashing out the darkest pieces of our relationship. Yelling, ugly-crying and defining the “same old shit” so that it took on new meaning that made each of us look at each other more clearly. We came to the conclusion that we have harmed one another as only lovers […]

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Spread Thin

  ‘Tell me I still look pretty.” The truth is, I look worn out and feel ….much worse. I made an effort to practice self-care and at least I feel clean, soft and smooth. The mental health professional (mhp) has been a good idea. I’ve got some tangible goals regarding physical health and career and […]

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Sweet and Low

Have you ever found something/one so beautiful they take your breath away? 7 days ago I gave birth via cesarean section to a beautiful little girl. This post is not about her, even though I could talk about her forever. This post is not about the benefits or judgements of birthing life via one way […]

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philosophical bent

Bear with me on this piece of mental masturbation. It has been said that reality cannot be physically altered from an energetic plane. Is that true? Is it possible to alter your personal vibration to such a degree that you can perceive reality happenings in a time/space outside of the one that is currently being […]

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