Blood in the Cut

I have public services healthcare. I cannot find a provider. I am having anxiety to a point where I cannot breathe. I can see that it’s an overreaction. or…What to do? I don’t want to involve my family. I need to be here to keep things moving forward. I have no idea what “crisis” actually […]

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Spread Thin

  ‘Tell me I still look pretty.” The truth is, I look worn out and feel ….much worse. I made an effort to practice self-care and at least I feel clean, soft and smooth. The mental health professional (mhp) has been a good idea. I’ve got some tangible goals regarding physical health and career and […]

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  I get stuck. the same cycle of thoughts. the same dark spaces. the same brain-crashing questions about what is real, what is the point. what does it mean. i doubt everything i think. i doubt my legitimacy in everything i do. once upon a time i was diagnosed with bipolar and add but i […]

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I have become increasingly depressed and hopeless over this last year, but boy howdy the election really shoved this grrl right over the edge. No holds barred. I’m struggling. Peace. I can still find it. I am still hustling. My mate and I are on a happy swing. The kiddos are experiencing a safe and […]

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2016 Review

‘…And not a one of you can say this ended well…..” – Sweet Well, the turn of this year has made my head reel.  I can’t make light of it, though I have learned many lesson. Our daughter was born in January. You can imagine that joy. She is strong, clever and beautiful; her sun […]

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inside this cycle

  I’m including a concept map that I designed today for my psychology class.  I didn’t intend to put so much time into designing it, it just turned into a really theraputic exercise, which is not the point, but I enjoyed it anyway. In an effort to keep dogged pursuit towards helping make gardens a […]

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